GAF Orients National Service Personnel

The Ghana Armed Forces (GAF) commences a 4-day orientation programme for National Service Personnel
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The Ghana Armed Forces (GAF) has commenced a 4-day orientation programme for the 2023/2024-year group of National Service Personnel (NSP) on Tuesday, 7 November 2023 at the Burma Hall, Burma Camp.

The core objective was to instil the cherished values and ethics of the service in the personnel for the strict adherence to the rules and regulations of GAF. It also aims at instilling the culture of discipline, civic consciousness and patriotism in them.  

The Executive Director of the National Service Secretariat (NSS), Mr Osei Assibey Antwi, emphasized the importance of discipline throughout the one-year duration of their service. He underscored that certificates would only be awarded to those who fulfil the mandatory one-year tenure, adding that personnel with special challenges were to address their grievances through the appropriate authorities.

The Municipal Director of NSS, La-Dade Kotokpon Municipality (LADMA), Madam Mercy Wemega highlighted the importance of the orientation as it was designed to familiarise personnel with the working environment, ethical standards, and security protocols within GAF. She also urged the national service personnel to uphold positive attitudes throughout the service.

The Deputy Director for Manpower, Commander Nkrumah Kieth stressed on punctuality, appropriate corporate dressing, personal hygiene, good interpersonal relationships and personal development among others.

Lectures delivered so far covered health, security, and the media, among others.

The cadre is expected to end on Friday, 10 November 2023.