The Commandant of the Ghana Armed Forces’ (GAF) Training and Doctrine Command (TRADOC) – Major General (Maj Gen) Bismarck Kwesi Onwona
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The Commandant of the Ghana Armed Forces’ (GAF) Training and Doctrine Command (TRADOC) – Major General (Maj Gen) Bismarck Kwesi Onwona has commissioned a new Guard Post at the Electrical and Mechanical Engineers Technical Training School (EMETTS), closed the 22-week Basic Class III Course 1-2023, and supervised the launch of the maiden edition of the school’s news Bulletin – The EMETTS Bulletin.

At the tri-purpose event on Friday 16 June 2023, the Commandant, Training and Doctrine Command (TRADOC) – Major General (Maj Gen) Bismarck Kwesi Onwona, said the importance of the 22-week Course from January 13, 2023, is that GAF depends on its human resource to conduct operations aimed at defending Ghana and ensuring its territorial integrity, and it is for that reason that the participants must utilize the skills acquired.

General Onwona commended the Commanding Officer (CO) – Lieutenant Colonel (Lt Col) Augustine Awuku-Annie, and staff of EMETTS – a Unit under his Command – for the initiative in building the Guard Post, and for their ingenuity during the training period of the course, and assured the school that although the TRADOC Headquarters is confronted by other competing demands, appropriate attention would be given to the needs of EMETTS.In his welcome remarks, the CO, EMETTS – Lt Col Awuku-Annie stated the objectives of the course as including; assisting potential tradesmen to choose appropriate Electrical and Mechanical Engineers related trades based on individual competencies; building the capacity of the potential tradesmen to support repair and maintenance of GAF equipment of EME concern; and preparing potential tradesmen for subsequent upgrading courses. He indicated that in all, 198 participants comprising 166 Soldiers from the Ghana Army (8 females), 16 Ratings from the Ghana Navy (1 female), 11 Airmen (1 female) from the Airforce and 5 Defence Civilian Staffs graduated, and that the objectives were achieved as the participants took advantage of the opportunity to acquire basic skills in their respective trades.

The maiden edition of the EMETTS Bulletin was launched by Brigadier General Kenneth Kwaku Kwaah Kumi – Deputy Chief Staff Officer at the Army Headquarters in charge of Logistics.

The new Guard Post, built by the school through the initiative of Lt Col Awuku-Annie, the benevolence of some public-spirited organizations and individuals, as well as support from staff and students of EMETTS, is to provide a comfortable place for guards who perform duty at the school.