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June 29, 2018
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Crown Prince School Visits RECCE

22 June 2018.   Students and teachers of Crown Prince School based in Kumasi have visited the Armoured Reconnaissance Regiment (RECCE) Headquarters at Burma Camp in Accra, on Friday, 22 June 2018, to familiarise themselves with the Regiment.

The Acting Officer Commanding 3 Mounted Squadron, Lt Cosmos Asamoah, who welcomed the 19 teachers and 128 students to the Regiment stated that the primary role of the Regiment was to obtain timely and accurate information on the battle field and relay it to higher command. This they perform through the use of armoured vehicles.

He mentioned that RECCE had three Regiments; 1 RECCE Squadron (Gondah Barracks),3 Mounted Squadron (Medo Lines) in Burma Camp and 2 RECCE Squadron (Liberation Barracks) located at Burma Camp and Sunyani.

The students visited a number of stations where various armoured vehicles, weapons, and communication channels used by the Regiment were displayed. It was explained that the equipment were not only used during war but also peacetime VIP escort duties amongst others.

The teachers and students toured the 3 Mounted Squadron where they were briefed on the history of the squadron. They were taught how to ride and take care of the horses while most had the opportunity to ride the horses.

Some of the students expressed their joy in visiting the Regiment, the education acquired and the warm reception. The Head of delegation, Mr Samuel Adama expressed gratitude to RECCE and their desire to visit other Units in the future.


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