The Rule of Law and Security Institutions Section (ROLSIS) of the United Nations Mission in South Sudan (UNMISS)
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The Rule of Law and Security Institutions Section (ROLSIS) of the United Nations Mission in South Sudan (UNMISS) has held a one day training workshop in Offender Risk Assessment and Nelson MANDELA Rules for the treatment of prisoners for 15 National Prisons Service of South Sudan (NPSSS) officers to enhance their capacity in modern correctional management.

The one-day training session held on 21st June 2023 was organized to provide technical support to the NPSSS officials in the Yiroh East County of the Lakes State, to enhance their capacity in managing incarcerated persons respecting the rights and the inherent dignity of the prisoners, according to best practices in corrections management.

This will ensure that the public has trust and confidence in the justice delivery system, so that aggrieved persons would follow due process of the Law.

UNMISS/Corrections Advisor in the Lakes – State Chief Superintendent of Prisons (CSP) Julius Quarshie, who was the facilitator, trained 13 males and 2 females.

The main objectives of the one-day training session were as follows:

1) To improve the understanding among the prison staff in the corrections system regarding the

treatment of prisoners, to avoid torture, inhumane and degrading punishment, or treatment.

2) To help the prison officers to improve on their attitude to accord respect for the human rights of the prisoners through enhanced prison management and operations procedures, per the standard of the Nelson Mandela Rules.

3) To educate the participants on security in prison to be abreast with sound security arrangements

within the prison system for safe and secure environment, and prevent any threat to security.

4) To help participants to be able to collect and analyze relevant information about the offender from sources within and outside the prison, and to be able to distinguish between those inmates who are likely to re-offend, and those who are unlikely to re-offend.

5) To help participants understand the principle of Offender risk assessment and provide corresponding services to the different levels of risk posed by the offender and to be able take accurate decisions in respect of prisoners ranging from custody, security designations, supervision requirement to program placement or vocational training for effective reintegration into society.

6) Lastly, to maintain law and order in the prison environment, as well as reduce recidivism and better protect the public.

The Director of the Yiroh East County Prison – Colonel Antipas Chol Marial expressed his appreciation to UNMISS in general and the Corrections Advisor of the Lakes State for organizing the training, which will enable the prison officers to perform their duties more professionally.