UNIFIL Ghanbatt 90 CIMIC team addresses medical needs of Rumaysh Municipality
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In a commendable display of humanitarian effort, the Ghanaian Battalion (GHANBATT) of the United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon (UNIFIL) has donated medical supplies to Rumaysh municipality on Monday 19 February, 2024.

The donation, second time in row since the GHANBATT inserted into mission area formed part of a commitment to support local communities to address their medical needs and challenges took place at the Elementary School Clinic in Rumaysh.

It reflects the broader mandate of UNIFIL, to actively engage in projects that uplift local communities with the aim of strengthening the bond as well as fostering the spirit of cooperation and solidarity between the Battalion and the people it serves.

Lieutenant Colonel Frank Kwesi Agyeman, the Commanding Officer of UNIFIL GHANBATT 90, emphasised the Battalion's dedication to fostering positive relations with the local community.

Representatives from the GHANBATT CIMIC team led by Captain Sylvia Agbenyo presented Antibiotics, Pain Relievers, GI Drugs, Anti-Diabetic Drugs, Cough Syrups and other healthcare necessities to enhance the town's healthcare infrastructure.

The Head of the Clinic, Ms Maria Jreiss, expressed gratitude for the timely and impactful donation, emphasising the significant impact it would have on healthcare delivery.