UNMISS GH 11 Names multi-purpose lodge after Lieutenant General Thomas Oppong-Peprah
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Brigadier General Kweku Dankwa Hagan, the Outgoing Sector West Commander who also doubled as the Contingent Commander (CONTICO) for UNMISS has commissioned the Oppong Peprah multi-purpose lodge at Ghana Battalion (GHANBATT) Rear Base Juba, on Wednesday 27 March, 2024.

Brigadier General Hagan who was the Guest of Honour for the event commended the Commanding Officer of UNMISS GHANBATT 11, Lieutenant Colonel Dominic Ampomah for his vision in driving the project forward and making it a reality.

He further lauded the resilience and determination of the Juba detachment for their relentless efforts in bringing the project to completion. He commended other stakeholders in the mission for exhibiting an unmatched role in making the multi-Purpose lodge a reality. He proposed that an appreciation board inscribing the names of stakeholders who contributed to the success of the facility be made to serve as a symbol showcase that unity and purpose were inter-woven for success of the structure.

The Commanding Officer (CO) UNMISS GH 11 Lieutenant Colonel Dominic Ampomah in his address expressed his heartfelt gratitude to the outgoing CONTICO for his support and direction during the project after the detachment was gutted by fire. He extolled the generosity, kindness and invaluable support of some individuals who responded aptly during the crisis.

He indicated that the overwhelming selflessness and comradeship exhibited by the Rwandan Battalion led the Commanding Officer, Lieutenant Colonel Gilbert Ndayisabye during and after the fire incident as well as other stakeholders who contributed to the speedy recovery process.

The CO praised the resilience of the Battalion to bounce back even stronger after such crisis. He also commended the GHANBATT Engineers led by Captain Timothy Oklu for their hard work in ensuring the successful completion of the project.

The facility consists of a medical aid post, food storage room, barbering saloon, male and female transit accommodation, a bar, a rest room as well as dining room for soldiers. The CO indicated that GHANBATT’s ingenuity and ability to build the facility was exemplary and inspiring.

He further advised personnel to maintain the facility at all times to ensure its longevity.