Arakan Company emerges winner of the inter-company novices boxing competition of Basic Infantry Course 2
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Arakan Company has emerged winners of the inter-company novices boxing competition of Basic Infantry Course 2 held at the Army Recruit Training School, Shai Hills on Tuesday, 28 November 2023.

It garnered up a total score of 104 points in the fiercely contested bout characterized by spectacular combination straight jabs, hook and uppercut among other professional exchanges while Kamina and Liberation Companies emerged First and Second runner ups with 100 and 78 points, respectively.

The eight days boxing competition, saw the recruits actively sparring matches against their colleagues with the aim of shaping them with specific skills, enhance eyes, hands and leg movements so as to give them ring generalship to ensure that the recruits are prepared to face opponents when necessary.

The Command Training Officer Army Training Command, Colonel Rafat Awudu, commended the recruits for exhibiting bravery, determination and endurance throughout the competition and emphasized that the competition was part of the training modules to test the physical fitness and combat readiness of the recruits.

He noted that the objective of the training was to churn out well trained, highly motivated, physically and mentally tough soldiers capable of undertaking any task. He also mentioned that the training was to provide the recruits with the basic skills for self-defense in the execution of the challenging tasks ahead of their careers as soldiers.

Col Awudu advised the recruits not to use the boxing skills acquired to bully and intimidate innocent civilians but to protect themselves when attacked in order to save the image of service.

The Commanding Officer Army Recruit Training School, Lieutenant Colonel Abdul Wahab Issah, urged participants to wholeheartedly engage in the training as such played a crucial role in the development of their combat skills.

At the end of the 8-day competition, recruit Gbomayie Kenneth was adjudged Best Male boxer, while recruit Addey Rebecca emerge the Best Female boxer.

However, recruits Amponsah Abraham and Gyenfua Jasmine were decorated as gallant losers of the competition.