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Flouting of the Ghana Armed Forces Dress Regulations

Command has observed with grave concern the persistent flouting of the Ghana Armed Forces           (GAF) Dress Regulations and other Directives in line with dress code for personnel. The breach of the regulations does not only undermine the posture and spirit of the army as a uniformed service but an upfront to the professionalism and discipline it stands for.

Directives have been given to bring to the notice of pers the following observations:

The unprofessional wearing of unapproved and undocumented Badges or Insignia by personnel which has gained prominence.

The unregulated alteration of uniforms by personnel, especially the females, which make them tight, short and overly projecting the detail outlines of their bodies against the normal standard of personnel in uniform.

The adoption of long hair, long braids and ‘rasta/dreadlock’ with pony tails and big bulges of hair at the head which make the wearing of the military headgears look somewhat unprofessional.(Art29.40CSI Vol III).

The use of unit vests over camouflage pair of trousers (Mixed dressing ) for formal office work other than fatigue and informal activities in the barracks . (Art 29.08CSIP VolIII).

The wearing of wristbands other than watches and warrant officer (WO) rank.

It is imperative to note that command views the above violations as serious acts of indiscipline.



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