Muslims in Burma Camp celebrate Eid-Ul-Adha under the theme “Remember the test of Allah.”
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At the Al Aziz Central Mosque in Burma Camp, Muslims came together to observe Eid-Ul-Adha on Sunday 16 June 2024, under the theme “Remember the test of Allah.”

In a heartfelt message, delivered by the Deputy Director of Training at the Naval Headquarters, Commander Abu Zakariah on behalf of the Chief of the Defense Staff (CDS), Lieutenant General (Lt Gen) Thomas Oppong-Peprah, he urged Muslims to use the occasion to foster unity and faith that transcends religious boundaries.

He further stated that the occasion must bring out the true Muslim faith, the essence of the Islamic faith, which calls for submitting oneself to the will of Allah, showing love and compassion to improve the common good of humanity.

Lt Gen Oppong-Peprah also asked Muslims to use the period of celebration to pray for global peace with a particular focus on colleagues deployed on peacekeeping missions and urged all to be steadfast in their commitment to the cause of defending the nation by exhibiting loyalty, obedience and sacrifice.

The Acting Chief Imam of GAF, Major (Maj) Mohammed Alhassan, in his sermon, noted that the feast of animals Muslims celebrate across the globe has an essential lesson to the umma of the prophet Muhammad as it climaxes the divine rite of hajj and also serves as a reminder about the test of their faith in Allah.

He emphasized the need for all Muslims to follow in the footsteps of Abraham by sacrificing a ram every year to show gratitude to Allah and re-enact his sterling qualities.

Maj Imam Alhassan urged the congregation to attach practical meanings to patriarch Abraham’s obedience, sincerity, piety, hospitality, love, kind-heartedness, endurance, commitment, and faith in all aspects of life.

“We must pay attention to the next generation of Muslims and equip them with the needed good moral upbringing and extensive education to protect them from the wrong influence of drugs, violence, immoral behavior, and the evils that are affecting and eating up the youth” he added.