Cadets of Regular Career Course 63 makes study tour of the 66Artillery Regiment
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Cadets of Regular Career Course 63 of the Ghana Military Academy have paid familiarization visit to the 66 Artillery Regiment at Ho, Volta Region on Friday 14 June 2024.

The a one-day study tour served as a platform for the cadets to be introduced to the operations of the Regiment and educated on the artillery prowess of the Ghana Armed Forces.

In an opening address by the Commander Rear of the 66 Artillery Regiment, Lt Col Jalali Din Ibrahim, welcomed the cadets to the Regiment and admonished them to pay rapt attention to all the lectures and demonstrations since it would go a long way to help them with their military studies.

As part of the visit, the cadets were taken through lectures on the history, organization and role of the Regiment. They were also enlightened on the operations, functions and the weapon system.

There was extensive lecture on the 105mm and 122mm Howitzers, 122mm MRL Mantruck, 107mm and 122mm MRLS among others. The cadets were also privileged to watch demonstrations on the appointments and responsibilities of Gunners in the event of loading and firing the 122mm Howitzer and 122mm MRL.

On behalf of the cadets, Senior Cadet Priscilla Naa Koi Quartey expressed her profound gratitude to the Commander Rear and the entire Regiment for hosting them and giving them insightful education about the 66 Artillery Regiment.