Launch of the 2023 National Cyber Security Awareness Month
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The Chief of the Defence Staff (CDS), Vice Admiral Seth Amoama has disclosed that it was relevant to establish a Directorate of Cyber and Electronic Warfare Operation (CEWO) to ensure that data was secured, and the Critical Information Infrastructure (CII), and airspace were protected.

To him, the substantial population of personnel using the internet, along with the advancement and progression of digital technologies as well as historical occurrence of cyber threats has occasioned the establishment of the CEWO which would be under the Department of Communication and Information Systems.

He explained that since everyone utilised the internet and, one way or the other, kept data in their daily routines, it was apparent that they take the responsibility to protect the data base, networks, communication infrastructure, and other assets of the Ghana Armed Forces (GAF). To that effect, CDS stated that the necessary measures were being put in place to enable every member of GAF understand cyber threats, vulnerabilities, and the impact on mission readiness and accomplishment.

CDS made these assertions during the launch of the 2023 National Cyber Security Awareness Month (NCSAM) under the theme promoting a culture of digital safety on Friday, 29 September 2023 in Burma Camp, Accra.

To foster a cyber security culture, CDS asserted that GAF would continue to enforce measures put in place to create a behavioural change among personnel in reference to data protection and cyber security as it is the intention of the military high command to sustain the awareness drive, training in cyber security best practices and extend same to all the garrisons of GAF.

He disclosed that the 2023 Cyber Security Awareness Month for GAF will comprise workshop, lectures, demonstrations and training sessions on essential cyber security and the implications of the use of social media by All Ranks.

Considering the dangers that are associated with the misuse of technology, CDS admonished all personnel to refrain from unprofessional acts that seek to tannish the image of our noble profession.

The Director General (DG), Cyber Security Authority (CSA), Dr Albert Antwi-Boasiako commended GAF for being the only institution holding an initiative for educating and creating awareness among its staff on cyber security.

He disclosed that the Authority is working with some Departments in GAF and other members of the Joint Cybersecurity Committee (JCC) to devise National Cyber Defence Programmes to serve as a blueprint for the development of national cyber capabilities and defend the interest of Ghana in the cyber space. He advised personnel to adopt cyber-hygienic practices to protect its internal systems and networks, consistent with the directives for the protection of CII.

The Director General, Data Protection Commission (DG DPC), Mrs Patricia Adusei Opoku mentioned that digitized information was important for the advancement of every economy and Ghana is toeing the line of partners in the global world. This, she said included making use of linear unit information to unlock the potential of digitized information.

Mrs Opoku further referenced that Data Protection Laws have been enacted all over the world to protect the individual and help them to voice out how scammers use their digital identifications in fraudulent activities. She encouraged everyone to add value and protect every data within Ghana’s jurisdiction.