Security services and schools in Bono Region celebrate Ghana’s 67 Independence Day at the Sunyani Jubilee Park
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A very colourful parade was held at the Sunyani Jubilee Park in the Bono Regional, on Wednesday 6 March, 2024, to mark Ghana’s 67 Independence Day celebration under the theme “Our Democracy, Our Pride”.

The parade, commanded by Capt Leslie Fanyinka saw personnel drawn from the Ghana Army, Police Service, Fire Service, Prison Service, Immigration Service, Customs division of the Ghana Revenu Authority, and some selected schools in the Bono Region.

The Guest of Honour, the Bono Regional Minister Hon Mrs Justina Awo Banahene who was the reviewing officer, stated that, Ghanaians have every reason to be proud because, Ghana chose a democratic path of governance and there was ample testimony of positive dividends that have been reaped over the past three decades of the fourth Republic.

 “Ghana’s practice of the tenants of democratic governance and the continuous overhauling of democracy have christened Ghana as a beacon of democracy in Africa. Therefore, as sons and daughters of Ghana, we have collective responsibility to jealously guide and sustain this enviable achievement as we need to preserve the unity, the strength of purpose of which we are the driving force for building a prosperous nation in spite of our cultural diversity and religious chauvinism.” She added.

Hon Mrs Justina Banahene stressed on the need for a united front to build a healthy state with the natural and human resources available.  She cautioned against the deliberate dissipation of the forest cover and water bodies through illegal mining, illegal chainsaw operations and bush fires among others.

She also admonished the public to approach the December general elections with a sense of responsibility by ensuring that the voice of every citizen was heard and respected. She emphasized the need to uphold the principles of transparency, inclusivity, and fairness, in order to strengthen the foundation of Ghana’s exemplary democracy.