Army Recruits Training School Inducts 830 New Recruits

An induction religious parade for 830 recruits of the BITC 2-23
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The Army Recruits Training School (ARTS) has organized an induction religious parade for 830 recruits of the Basic Infantry Training Course 2-2023 (BITC 2-23) on Sunday, October 15, 2023 at Shai Hills.

The parade forms an integral part of admissions into the Ghana Army as a total of 830 recruits (223 females and 607 males) begin their journey as professional soldiers of Ghana Armed Forces (GAF).

Speaking at the ceremony, the Chaplain for ARTS, Lieutenant (Lt) Benjamin Otuo Acheampong, delivered a message on the theme "Delight in Discipline." He advised the recruits to be delightful in the values of discipline, respect, obedience and loyalty as they progress their career with the GAF.

He encouraged them to strive for excellence in their journey to become skilled military personnel and urged the recruits to remain focused and seek the grace of God throughout their time at ARTS.

The Director General Human Resource, General Headquarters, Brigadier General (Brig Gen) Micheal Opoku, acknowledged the significance of the decision of the recruits to pursue a military career, describing it as a calling.

He stressed that the service demanded the highest level of sacrifice, professionalism, integrity, and dedication, indicating that the rigorous training sets the military profession apart. He explained that the 24-week program would equip them with quality training, fundamental skills and character necessary for their chosen career path.

Brig Gen Opoku stated that only determination, commitment and dedication to the training would ensure they pass out successfully from the training. He therefore urged the recruits to take the course in earnest and strive to achieve the excellence the institution has been noted for.