Army Peace Operations Training School (APOTS) holds opening ceremony for ECOWAS Missions
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The opening and closing ceremony for Military Skill Validation Training (MSVT) and Mission Leadership Training (MLT) for ECOWAS Missions in the Gambia Ghana Company (ECOMIG GHANCOY) 8 and the ECOWAS Stabilization Support Mission in Guinea Bissau Ghana Company (ESSM-GB GHANCOY) 3 was held at Battle Training Camp (BTC), Bundase on Monday 06 November 2023.

Delivering the opening address, Acting Commander Army Peace Operations Training School (APOTS), Lieutenant Colonel SA Baninyeni, on behalf of the Commander APOTS, said the first phase of the training for Peacekeepers was duly completed and encouraged all to fully participate in the next phase in order to achieve mission success in their operational theatres.

He commended the Chief of Army Staff for the outstanding projects in APOTS and measures put in place to make training more effective. Key Appointments of ECOMIG GHANCOY 8 and ESSM-GB GHANCOY 3 were awarded certificates for successfully completing the first phase of the training.

The Guest of Honor, Commander Army Training Command (CATRAC) Brigadier General SWK Parbey said that the essence of the training was to equip trainees with the requisite knowledge and skills for the various missions. He also urged them to be professional and continue to portray Ghana in a positive light internationally.

Brigadier General SWK Parbey mentioned that the Military High Command attaches importance to the peacekeeper’s role in the Gambia and Guinea-Bissau hence the 7-weeks programme to equip participants with the requisite knowledge and skills to function effectively in the peacekeeping operational theatre. He also congratulated Key Appointments for successfully completing the 3-week Mission Leadership Training.

On behalf of the Chief of Army Staff, Major General Thomas Oppong-Pepprah, CATRAC declared the ECOMIG GHANCOY 8 and ESSM-GB GHANCOY 3 Military Validation Training duly opened and the Mission Leadership Training duly closed.

Present at the ceremony were the Commanding Officers for ECOMIG GHANCOY 8 and ESSM-GB GHANCOY 3 and other Key Appointments for both missions.