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The 5 Garrison Educational Complex (GEC) has organised a health screening exercise and health talk as part of its celebration of World Teacher’s Day on Thursday, 5 October 2023 at the forecourt of its premises in Burma Camp.

World Teachers’ Day, which is annually celebrated on 5 October, is geared towards recognising and appreciating the significant roles played by teachers around the globe. The day was also set aside to reflect on the support teachers needed to fully deploy their talents and vocation, as well as reassess the action plan for the profession globally

The Principal Nursing Officer, 37 Military Hospital, Mrs Percy Owusu Awuku during the health talk on breast cancer emphasised that the early detection and prevention of breast cancer was of utmost importance in ensuring favourable treatment outcomes and preserving lives.

She stated that regular self-examination, clinical breast examinations, and going for mammograms served as the fundamental tools to identifying any abnormalities in the breast at an early stage. She added that it was imperative to create awareness, disseminate information and encourage both men and women to prioritize breast health.

She urged all and sundry to band together to fight against breast cancer. She admonished everyone to partake in the ongoing health screening exercise.

World Teachers’ Day was established by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) in 1994 to honour the anniversary of the adoption of 1966 International Labour Organization and UNESCO (1966 ILO/UNESCO) recommendation concerning the Status of Teachers. This instrument sets the benchmarks regarding the rights and responsibilities of teachers, standards for their training, recruitment, employment, as well as teaching and learning conditions.