DGCE Brigadier General Anita Asmah holds durbar with civilian staff
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Director General (DG), Department of Civilian Establishment (DCE) Brigadier General (Brig Gen) Anita Asmah, has encouraged Civilian Staff of Ghana Armed Forces (GAF) to upgrade themselves for better wages.

She made this known during a durbar with some Civilian Staff at Burma Hall, Burma Camp on Wednesday 12 June, 2024.

The Director General encouraged the individuals to seize opportunities to attend courses for their personal development. She emphasized the pivotal role of the Civilian Administrative Personnel Officer (CAPO) in assisting personnel to update their documents regularly, underscoring their importance.

Brig Gen Asmah highlighted discipline as the cornerstone of the Ghana Armed Forces, and entreated personnel to uphold it at all times. She also cautioned the personnel to refrain from absenteeism and reminded them that the Regulations of GAF are binding on Defence Civilian Employees.

Brigadier General Asmah warned personnel to avoid wearing military uniforms, collecting debt, land guard duties, and recruitment fraud. She disclosed anyone found culpable would face the full rigidity of the law.

Head of Pensions Civilian Establishment, Mr George Wedzi, educated personnel to update their SSNIT and GLICO contributions regularly.