Review of Policy Directive on Personnel Repatriated on Disciplinary Grounds

The earlier directive extended the ban on personnel repatriated from mission areas for disciplinary cases from 3 to 5 years to reduce acts of indiscipline on Peacekeeping Operations (PKO). In spite of the current 5 years ban, acts of indiscipline in the mission areas continue to rise. It has therefore become necessary to institute a more stringent measure to eradicate cases of indiscipline on PKO.

I am to convey that henceforth personnel repatriated on disciplinary grounds from PKO will serve a 10-years ban from the date of disembarkation in Ghana. On completion of the 10-years ban, the appropriate channels to this HQ stating whether or not, the culprit’s conduct has improved and thus can be deployed to the mission area.

This directive takes effect from 7 June 2021 and is to be disseminated to all ranks under Command.