Unauthorized use of Military Uniform and Paraphernalia

Reproduced below is an extract of correspondence received from the Army HQ for dissemination to all:

Higher Command has raised concerns over the proliferation and abuse of military paraphernalia, including sale and usage of car stickers and ordered the immediate removal of all such stickers from personal vehicles. Also, the use of unauthorized military uniforms during off duty periods by personnel has been highlighted and personnel were directed to desist from wearing military uniforms when not on duty to serve as security measure and preserve the professional image of the Ghana Armed Forces (GAF).

In spite of these directives, some personnel continue to wear uniform to their sites, non-military funerals, and weddings among others for various reasons. It has become obvious from daily occurrences that the presences of uniform personnel at such unauthorized places are often misinterpreted by civilians and the Civil Police.

Majority of personnel equally put headgear in their vehicles; cover their vehicles seats with military uniforms, use GAF stickers, unit logos and other insignias on their vehicles (including those bearing DP and DV license plates) to help them avoid being arrested by the police when they commit Road Traffic Offences. Meanwhile, the number of civilians in military uniforms continues to surge daily and most of the culprits trace the source of their unforms to serving service personnel.

These worrying conducts do not only ruin the image of GAF but also result in some personnel being wrongly accused and arrested by the Civil Police for crimes they have not committed. It also exposes personnel to threats and makes them obvious targets for armed robbers and other miscreants during armed robbery.

As a result. Personnel are reminded to desist from wearing military uniforms, accoutrements other GAF paraphernalia for private and non-military related engagements. Also, troops are cautioned to desist from displaying military symbols such as unit logos, uniforms, headgears, GAF stickers and other insignias on their vehicles as well as giving same to private individuals as a precautionary measure to ensure personal security.