Madam Nana Pomaah Nyira Donates to 37 Military Hospital

A Philanthropist, Madam Nana Pomaah Nyira on Friday, 4 June 2021 donated 3 wheelchairs and a medical Lifter to the 37 Military Hospital at the forecourt of the Hospital’s Headquarters.

She said the donation was to show appreciation to the Hospital for taking good care of victims of the June 3 disaster that took place six years ago. She was accompanied by some of her team members, Rev Daniel Quartey, Mr Sammy Agyei and Mr Kasim Suraj, one of the many survivors of the disaster who suffered severe burns from that horrific incident that occurred in 2015.

She showed gratitude to Commander Kwesi Nsaful the plastic surgeon who operated on Mr Suraj when he was admitted at the Hospital.

The Commanding Officer of the 37 Military Hospital, Col Azumah Bugri received the items on behalf of the Hospital and thanked her for her act of benevolence. He stated that, the donation would be put to good use.

Present were some Senior Officers of the Formation.