6 Army Officers Decorated with New Ranks

Six Army officers have been decorated with new ranks on Monday, 7 January, 2021 at the office of the Chief Staff Officer (CSO), Brig Gen Michael Amoah Ayisi of the Army Headquarters in Burma Camp.

Their promotion has come about based on criteria including time range in service, qualification in all other necessary requirements as well as output recognition.  Lt Col SS Lokpah, Lt Col AK Oduah and Lt Col NCD Dei-Alorse were elevated to the rank of Colonel while Maj JA Luri, Maj W Issah and Maj D Ampadu were elevated to the rank of Lieutenant Colonel.

Speaking on behalf of the Chief of Army Staff (COAS), Maj Gen Thomas Oppong-Peprah, Brig Gen Michael Amoah Ayisi, congratulated the Senior officers on their promotion and commended them on their performance so far.

He further said that promotion comes with a lot of responsibilities and expectations, hence, he admonished them to raise the standard and excel beyond the possible to justify their inclusion as Senior officers.

In remarks made on behalf on his colleagues, Col Samuel Lorkpa expressed sincere appreciation to the Military High Command for acknowledging their performance and promotion.  He gave the assurance that he and his colleagues will continue to give their best at their various appointments with the advice given them as a guide.

Colonel Salifu, Director Army Intelligence and Plans (DAIP) as well as other senior officers were present.