The Basic Infantry Training Course 2/2020 as part of their training has organised a cross country competition on Friday, 5 February 2021.  The competition was to prepare the 314 Army Recruits for their upcoming steeple chase competition which is one of the major exercises on their Six-Month Basic Military Training Calendar. 

The participation teams were Alpha, Bravo and Charlie Companies into which the recruits are divided.

The competition started from the Air Force Recruit Training School where the Army Recruits are training through Kwesimintsim township to Myohaung Barracks, home of the 2 Infantry Battalion and ended at the Apampire Parade Square of same.

After the 3.8 kilometre run, Alpha Company was crowned victors of the competition followed by Bravo and Charlie Companies in the second and third place, respectively.

One of the Training Officers, Capt AA Kanchuo said the aim of the competition was to test the fitness level of the trainees so far and also to inculcate team spirit which is one of the tenets of achieving common goals into them.

Lieutenant Colonel Abass Atuluk who is the Commanding Officer of the 2 Infantry Battalion congratulated the winning team, Alpha Company for exhibiting the highest team spirit and emerging the winners.

He charged the recruits to remain disciplined and determined to finish the training successfully. 

The recruits commenced training on 9 November, 2020.