Unauthorised Use of Military Uniforms and Other Accoutrements by Celebrities

a.    Reproduced below is a correspondence received from HQ Sp Svcs Bde for dissemination to all:

       (1)    This HQ has observed with dissatisfaction the recent rend where some celebrities and religious leaders are seen wearing Military Uniforms in dance halls, video clips and church programmes.  This state of affairs is in outright contravention of Restriction on the use of Military Uniforms and Equipment Act, 1967 (NLCD 177); and therefore illegal.   What is more disturbing is the fact that, most of these unauthorised persons get the Military items through the assistance of some units and individual service personnel.  Some units in recent times invited some celebrities during their WASSA and other occasions and allowed them to perform in uniform.

     (2)    Besides the illegality of the use of military uniforms, accoutrements and equipment by unauthorised person or group of persons, the tendency of such unauthorised person or group of persons  with criminal motives to use the items to impersonate, outwit and outsmart unsuspecting public and the security apparatus to perpetrate crime cannot be underestimated; especially at this crucial times of heightened terrorist activities, kidnapping, weapon and drug trafficking other related crimes.

     (3)    It is therefore directed that:
             (a)    Pers should acquaint themselves with the provisions under NLCD   177.
             (b)    Units and personnel who assist some pastors and celebrities to get military items and sometimes perform at their programmes to cease forthwith.                       
             (c)    Severe sanctions would be imposed on any personnel or unit found to be flouting these directives.