Ghana Anaesthesia Society Gives to 37 Military Hospital

As part of activities earmarked to celebrate World Anaesthesia Day, members of the Ghana Anaesthesia Society (GAS) have donated some hampers to the children’s ward of the 37 military hospital on Thursday, October 15, 2020 at the premises of the ward.

The Vice President of the GAS, Dr Caroline Tetteyfio-Koney who presented the items on behalf of the group said, World Anaesthesia Day is celebrated on every 16th day of October in every year to create awareness. She added that there would be series of lectures on anaesthesia during the three day celebration.

She indicated that although the World Anaesthesia Day was formed in the sixties, it was not known to most Ghanaians, hence the creation of the awareness.

The Nursing Officer in Charge (NOIC) of the children’s ward also known as the Nkrumah ward, Lt Col Vivian Adzah together with the Officer-in-Charge of the Paediatric Unit of the hospital Dr AbbeyQuaye Perbie received the items and thanked them for the kind gesture.

The word Anaesthesia is from a Greek word which means "without sensation or loss of sensation’’ is a state of controlled, temporary loss of sensation or awareness that is induced for medical purposes. It may include some or all of analgesia (relief from or prevention of pain), paralysis (muscle relaxation), amnesia (loss of memory), and Anesthesia unconsciousness. Mostly this is done by the Anaesthetist.

Anaesthetics are used during tests and surgical operations to numb sensation in certain areas of the body or induce sleep. This prevents pain and discomfort, and enables a wide range of medical procedures to be carried out.

Present during the presentation were Dr Monte Kutin from the Theatre, some pediatricians of the ward, anaesthetists from the facility and members of the society from the Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital.