Resource for Development Proposes Social Media Policy to GAF

Resource for Development; an Accra based reputable company noted for developing Social Media Policies, has made a policy presentation to the Directorate of Public Relations (DPR) on Wednesday 14, October 2020 at Burma Camp.

The primary purpose of the presentation was to develop a deliberate and transparent social media policy for Ghana Armed Forces (GAF) through a participatory approach.

The advisor to the company, Madam Sheila Naa Boamah in her presentation, proposed and educate the personnel on social media policy, its values and benefits, as well as the methodology to use to implement social media policy in GAF.

She further stated that the policy would reduce unintended risk to institutions caused by employee’s innocence to social media activities. This, she added would provide clarity on what employees and affiliates should and should not do on social media channels and to curb any illegal or security risk associated with their online presence.

She also stated that the policy would drive a governance regime of the use of social media in GAF as misuse of social media can have a damaging effect on the organization’s image.

Madam Boamah emphasised that many institutions are currently unprepared to deal with risks associated with the infusion of social media usage. The risks she categorized as “Goldmine and Landmine site”. She was, however, of the view that the policy when implemented by the GAF would regulate the negative consequences.

Present at the presentation were the representatives from the Directorate of  Public Relations (DPR), Directorate of Information Technology (DIT) and the Legal Department.