Orientation for Newly Employed Civilian Employees

A one day orientation cadre has been held for newly employed civilian staff of the Ghana Armed Forces (GAF) on Thursday, 8 October, 2020 at the Burma Hall in Burma Camp.

The orientation which brought together 82 newly employed civilian staff was purposefully to brief them about GAF as an institution and its core mandate.

The Acting Director Civilian Establishment (CE); Lt Colonel EAK Asamoah in his address congratulated and urged them to work at keeping the new job they have found and use the appropriate channels to address their grievances. He further advised the newly employed to learn to manage their income, invest well and start planning for their retirement. This he said, will help them transition easily when it is time for retirement.

As part of the program some Civilian Officers took turns to advise the newly employed on issues that include timeliness to work and discipline which has been the hall mark of the GAF.

They, further, admonished them to dress decently to conform to the Armed Forces regulations and also encouraged them to improve academically in their education to meet promotional standards when the need arise.