Civilian Employees Urged to Change Negative Work Attitudes

Civilian Employees of 1 Garrison have been urged to change their attitudes towards work in order for them to meet the demands of the Ghana Armed Forces (GAF).

Director, Civilian Establishment (CE), Captain (GN) Faustina Boakyewaa Anokye made this known during a durbar at the Eastern Naval Command on Monday, August 31, 2020.

According to Captain Anokye, work attitudes such as lateness, lack of teamwork and procrastination have negative impact on productivity. She added that negative work attitude by some civilian employees is affecting the socio-economic development of the institution.

She however, advised Civilian Employees to be effective and efficient in carrying out their duties through hard work, dedication, punctuality, management and honesty so as to change the perceptions people have about them within the working environment.

Director CE urged them to be confident in the delivering of their duty and bring out constructive ideas to improve the institution. She further charged Civilian Employees to take responsibility of their actions.

Captain Anokye cautioned all Civilian Employees to manage their finances judiciously to avoid going for loans which will end up increasing their financial burden, nonetheless, she is also working towards improving their working conditions.