The Ghana Battalion in Lebanon (GHANBATT)  with material support from the Battalions from the Republic of Korea (ROKBATT) and Italy (ITALBATT) has donated Medications, Hand Sanitizers, Face Masks, Assorted Clothes, Bags and Slippers to Ramya and Marwarhin communities on Saturday, 4 July 2020 at GHANBATT Headquarters, United Nations Position (UNP) 5-66 in Al-Qouzah, South Lebanon.

The two donations were part of the Battalions’ humanitarian support to the communities to assist them in the management of COVID-19 and to provide essential paediatric medications for children in the communities.

The Commanding Officer of GHANBATT, Lieutenant Colonel Abass Atuluk presented the items which included 350 bottles of assorted Paediatric Medications, 40 bottles of 1 Litre Hand Sanitizers, 4000 pieces of Face Masks, assorted Clothes, Bags and Slippers to the Mayor of Ramya and Marwarhin communities.

The Mayor of Ramya, Mr Nabi Saleh and Mr Mohammed Ghannam, the Mayor of Marwarhin expressed their gratitude to GHANBATT for spearheading the donation and for their support and efforts in maintaining Peace in South Lebanon.

The Battalion received sponsorship for the paediatric medications prior to deployment, from Ernest Chemist Limited, with other donors of pharmaceuticals for the battalion being: M&G Pharmaceutical Company Limited, Tobinco Pharmacy, Danadams Pharmacy, and Pharmanova Company Limited.