France Expresses Readiness to Prevent Threats of Terrorism in Ghana

28 May 2019.   The Commander of French Element in Senegal, Brig Gen Bruno Baratz has expressed France readiness to strengthen Ghana’s boarders in order to help prevent threats of terrorism that may endanger the country.

He noted that, terrorists look for porous areas to operate, hence it is imperative for the Ghana Armed Forces (GAF) to secure its boarders to prevent any imminent danger that may occur in the country.

He made these assertions during a dialogue with the Chief of the Defence Staff (CDS) Lt Gen OB Akwa at his office in Burma Camp on Tuesday 28 May 2019.

Brig Gen Bruno Baratz called for interoperability measures among neighbouring countries such as Burkina Faso, Benin, Togo and Niger to tackle the common threat of insurgencies and terrorist attacks that had engulfed the sub-region.

He highlighted the importance of operational military partnership actions with West African countries, to enable them have strong armies that would ensure stability and security within the sub-region.  He mentioned that countries like Burkina Faso had become a great cause of concern because it had become an operational base for the terrorists and making the north become very tricky. 

The CDS thanked the French Forces and expressed worry about the kind of militant threats that was spreading within the sub region. He, however, underscored the need for neighbouring countries to coordinate with the French Forces to help secure the boarders.

He stressed the need for a critical proactive intelligence and implored the French military to share its expertise on counter terrorism with the neighbouring countries within the sub region. He further stated that counter terrorism training had some nucleus they could build upon in the Northern and Southern Commands of GAF.

He said GAF was willing to cooperate with them in the fight against terrorism and also requested for parachute training for GAF personnel.