Interoperability Training on Counter Terrorism for Security Services Ends

The Counter Terrorism Unit of the Ghana Armed Forces (GAF), 64 Infantry Regiment has ended a 4-week training in combating and detecting acts of terrorism for security and emergency respond institutions in Ghana at the Asutuare Training Camp on Friday 14 February 2020.

The training which commenced on Sunday 19 January 2020 was aimed at coordinating the operations of the various counter terrorism units, intensifying the capability of security services and building the espirit de corps among trainees.

The joint training also formed part of training activities to enhance the readiness of the security services in neutralising possible terrorist threat to protect the citizens of Ghana to live in peace, freedom and security in accordance with Ghana's Anti-Terrorism Law, Act 762 of 2008.

The 211 participants of the training were drawn from, the Ghana Army, the Police Service, Immigration Service, National Fire Service, National Ambulance Service and the Ghana Prison Service.

Others were; the Custom Division of Ghana Revenue Authority, Bureau of National Investigations, National Security and the Research Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Trainees were over the period taken through areas such as, Rappelling both on a high ground and from the Helicopter, Navigation, Minor Tactics, Close quarter Combat, Swimming , Physical Training, Joint Field Excercises among others.

In his closing remarks , the Commanding Officer of the 64 Infantry Regiment, Lt Col Fiifi Deegbe stated that, the threats of terrorists on some communities were real and they could strike anytime and anywhere hence, the need for adopting defensive measures to reduce and protect the country from terrorism.

He commended the trainees for exhibiting a positive mindset, willingness and zeal towards the training and further requested for the agencies to extend the duration of the training so that trainees would be more equipped since terrorism was broad.

Lt Col Fiifi told Commanders of the various institutions to periodically conduct medical assessment on their personnel and entreated them to have their personnel undertake regular physical training and also introduce Basic Fitness Test (BFT) for assessment and evaluation of personnel in their respective institutions.