Abuse of Social Media

It has been observed by Command that some personnel of the GAF abuse the usage of social media platforms. It is important to note that the use of social media is akin to engaging in a form of public or media activity. Its usage sometimes can blur the distinction between official and personal communication. Any military related post by personnel without official permission may be considered by the public as authentic information which potentially could have serious repercussions on the GAF.

Although troops are not restrained from using social media, they are to desist from using social media to commit crimes such as blackmailing, spreading falsehood, posting military pictures or videos and engaging in unsavory conversation, as well as internet fraud or scam.   Investigations have revealed involvement of some personnel of the GAF in alleged misconduct, using whatsapp, Facebook and other social media platforms. Others have been implicated in crimes related to social media such as defrauding innocent people through fake enlistment or recruitments advertisement.

Most major areas of concern are the whatsapp groups personnel join, the choice of words and modes of communication used on social media platforms. It has been observed also that some service personnel discuss issues on party politics and are usually carried away in unhealthy political discourse. Henceforth, personnel are to strictly adhere to the following instructions;

Do not share any internal factual information except that which has been permitted by command                                                                                                                                                      

Do not engage in discussions or make any comment on party politics. Military and security issues on any social media platforms

Do not post comments on images of any sensitive security related matters.

Do not post or share comments or images that might be perceived as offensive and against GAF directives or instructions, rules, regulations, politics and guidelines.

Do not post or share photos or videos of military functions without express advance permission by GHQ (PR).

Do not disclose information that is legal, financial administrative and operational in nature unless with the explicit approval of Command.

Do not post anything on the death of or serious security incident involving GAF personnel unless authorized by GHQ (PR).

It is important to state that the use of social media could have a positive effect on the image of the GAF and its media campaign. Thus, service personnel as well as civilian employees are encouraged to use social media to promote the image of the GAF. However, personnel who are in doubt as to the legitimate use of the social media should consult their Commanders.

In the light of the above, I am directed to inform Commanders to remind troops of the instructions regarding the use of social media in the GAF. Also, Commanders are to warn all ranks that those who will violate the above instructions would be sanctioned accordingly.

This is respectfully submitted for strict compliance of all under command.