Trainee Recruits Advised to Eschew Acts of Indiscipline

The Director General Defence Communication Information Systems (DCIS) of the Ghana Armed Forces (GAF), Brig Gen Matthew Essien has advised trainee recruits to desist from shameful acts of indiscipline that will dent the hard earned reputation of the Armed Forces.

He said, “I must assure you that the Ghana Armed Forces is jealously guarding its hard earned reputation’, therefore the few indiscipline soldiers who engage in all sorts of shameful activities that bring the image of the Armed Forces into disrepute should desist from that or face the repercussions that go with it.

Brig Gen Essien threw this caution in a speech at the Induction Religious parade for recruits of Basic Infantry Training Course (BITC) 1-2019 on Sunday 8 December 2019 at the Jungle Warfare School (JWS) in Achiase.

He indicated that military training was designed to imbibe in recruits, traits of discipline, dedication, selflessness, self-control and patriotism, as well as equip them with basic skills upon which they build their military career.

Gen Essien asserted that at the end of the training, each recruit was expected to be mentally tough, courageous, physically fit, knowledgeable, strong, bold and disciplined and with a high capacity to get things done. Negative traits such as laxity, lousiness, idleness, lack of self-control and selfishness should have departed from the recruits.

The officiating Clergy for the induction service were Capt RAC Clottey and Imam Ahmed Hassan Idrisu, who both guided the recruits to affirm the act of dedication, which formally admits them into the Ghana Armed Forces.

On Friday 4 October 2019, 201 sports recruits reported to the jungle warfare school to begin a 6 month Basic Infantry Training Course (BITC), after which they will be divided among the three arms of the Ghana Armed Forces, to aid sports development and sports competitions at the unit, command, service and inter service level.