64 Infantry Regiment Conducts Anti-Terrorism Training

The 64 Infantry Regiment of the Ghana Army conducted a simulation exercise code-named Ex- Eagle Eye as part of its routine training to identify and deal with possible terrorist threat in the country when the need arises.

The on-site monthly training which took place on Saturday, 9 November 2019 at Ridge near the Efua Southerland Childrens’ Park in Accra familiarised troops with the nature of contemporary threats of terror in the sub-region and also afforded them with a better appreciation of targets. The training further assessed and improved the endurance, physical fitness and the military skills of the troops who conducted an upward assault of the 13-storey high-rise structure to clear hostiles and rescue hostages.

The Commanding Officer (CO) of the 64 Infantry Regiment and chief patron of the training, Lt Col Fiifi Deegbe expressed satisfaction with the high level of skill and professionalism put up by his troops. He added that as the Counter Terrorism Unit and Special Forces Regiment of the Ghana Army, his Regiment, with the support of the military high command, has developed this training module over time to enhance troops’ skills and readiness at neutralizing possible terrorist threats given the volatile security situation in the West African sub-region.

Lt Col Fiifi Deegebe gave the assurance that the Regiment will continue to train and do its best to protect the country and its citizens from any terrorist attack. He further stated that regardless of the constraints confronting his Unit, it will collaborate with other security agencies and international partners to deliver on its mandate.

The training was witnessed by the Commanding Officers of Recce Regiment and the 5th Infantry Battalion, the British Defense Attaché to Ghana and the Head of Corporate Security for ECOBANK.