An ECOWAS delegation from its Headquarters in Abuja has visited Ghana Company 1 (GHANCOY 1) of the ECOWAS Stabilization Support Mission in Guinea-Bissau (ESSMGB) to familiarize themselves with the operations of the contingent. The visit formed part of an assessment tour by ECOWAS to Guinea-Bissau.

The delegation, which visited on Wednesday 24 August 2022 at GHANCOY 1 Camp, Presidential Palace in Bissau, was led by the Commissioner for Internal Services – Prof Nazifi Abdallah Darma, who was in the company of the ECOWAS Commissioner for Economic Affairs and Agriculture – Mrs Massamdje Toure-Litse and the Special Representative of President of ECOWAS Commission (SRPC) – Prof Hamidou Boly.

In his interaction with the troops, the Commissioner expressed ECOWAS’ pride in the performance of GHANCOY 1 in their bid to maintain peace and stability in Guinea-Bissau. He applauded the hard work, dedication and determination they had exhibited so far.

He further averred that the African continent ought to have ownership of mechanisms addressing its own affairs to achieve comprehensive and effective results with regards to issues halting its progress rather than relying on foreign entities.

The Combat Team Commander – Lieutenant Colonel (Lt Col) David Korsah expressed appreciation to the Commissioner for taking time out to visit the Company and further expressed his appreciation for the immense support and recognition GHANCOY 1 had received since its insertion.