An embarkation parade has been held for troops of the Ghanaian Company (GHANCOY ) of the ECOWAS Stabilization Support Mission in Guinea-Bissau (SSMGB) at the Abuga Square of 153 Armoured Regiment, Burma Camp on Tuesday, 21 June 2022. The Company is commanded by Lieutenant Colonel David Korsah.

The Deputy Chief Staff Officer (DCSO) for Policy and Plans (P&P) at the Army Headquarters, Brigadier General Kweku Dankwa Hagan, who doubled as the Reviewing Officer, commended the troops for fulfilling all the United Nations (UN) mandatory requirements before insertion into the mission area in his speech.

He disclosed that, troops of GAF were to provide security to Guinea-Bissau’s presidency, government officials, key and vital installations with a mechanized platoon equipped with support elements to maintain peace and stability in Guinea-Bissau.  

The DCSO urged them to be disciplined and united in the discharge of their duties to aid them secure a successful tour; however, he admonished them on the use of social media as well as the consequences of breaking command policy guidelines and directives. He further, encouraged them to take their in-mission training seriously in order to sharpen and maintain their skills.

Brig Gen Hagan on behalf of the Military High Command wished all personnel of SSMGB GHANCOY 1 a successful tour of duty and stressed on the need for troops to strictly adhere to all COVID-19 safety protocols and guidelines.

The Company underwent six weeks pre-deployment training in different phases to adequately prepare them for the Peace Support Operation.