The Association of Foreign Defence Attachés (DAs) in Ghana has called on the Chief of the Defence Staff (CDS), Vice Admiral Seth Amoama for a formal introduction to the Military High Command on Wednesday 25 May 2022 at Burma Camp in Accra.

The newly formed association is made up of 11 DAs representing Nigeria, the United States of America, Zambia, Turkey, Austria, Burkina Faso and Switzerland. Others included the Republic of South Africa, Denmark, Canada and United Kingdom.

Addressing the delegation, the CDS applauded the DAs for such an important initiative and assured them of support from the Ghana Armed Forces (GAF).  

Vice Admiral Amoama further took the opportunity to highlight the complex nature of modern security trends in the sub-region and urged them to share information in order to create awareness. He drew their attention to some emerging security challenges along our neighbouring boarders in the sub-region which he emphasised needed immediate consideration.

He also briefed the association on some current operations GAF was participating in both within and outside the country while imploring the delegation to coordinate with GAF in areas of training and education in order to achieve our common objectives.  

The Dean of the Association and DA of the Republic of South Africa, Col Lorraine Ndlovu introduced members of the Association to the CDS and extended their heartfelt appreciation to the Military High Command for the warm reception they received.