KAIPTC Holds Elsie Initiative for Women in Peace Operation

A workshop has been held for female soldiers in the Ghana Armed Forces (GAF) dubbed “Elsie Initiative for women in Peace Operation”, on Tuesday 6 August 2019 at the Kofi Annan International Peacekeeping Training Centre in Accra.

The workshop which was organised by the KAIPTC in collaboration with the Canadian Government, the United Nations (UN) and the Government of Ghana was aimed at sharing information about the components of Elsie Initiative and the importance of increasing Female participation in Peace Operations.  This forms part of the 60th Anniversary Celebration for female Soldiers in GAF.

The Commandant of KAIPTC, Air Vice Marshal Griffiths Santrofi Evans in his welcoming address said women have been in the fore front of many activities and initiatives within Ghana and the world as a whole but are hardly recognised.

He urged those present at the workshop to take advantage, explore and come up with workable solutions that would aid the cause of women in national development.  He added that, it had taken Ghana 60 years to have a female Brigadier General, hence there was the need to work towards women taking high status in the military.

In a speech delivered by the first Female General in GAF, Brig Gen Edjeani-Afenu, she stressed that over the past years, percentage for the Female participation in Peace operations was 4% with an annual increment of 0.2%.  She noted that the United Nations (UN) realized it was not encouraging; hence have set 15% as a threshold for female participants in peace operations.

She highlighted that, the Canadian Government had chosen GAF and Zambia Police Service as partners for the initiative.

She encouraged all present to share their ideas in other to move ahead and avoid mistakes that others did in the past in trying to increase women participation in Peace Operations.

The Elsie initiative is an innovative and multilateral pilot project that will develop, apply and evaluate a combination of approaches to help overcome barriers to increasing women’s meaningful participation in peace operations. The Elsie initiative’s framework comprises a number of components, including bilateral partnerships, an Elsie fund, political advocacy, and significant research, monitoring and evaluation.