Armed Forces Regulations Review Committee
August 9, 2018
Letter of Commendation
August 14, 2018
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Submission of Proposals for Amendment of the Ghana Armed Forces Regulations and Relation Documents

a.   A Board has been constituted to carry out a comprehensive review of Ghana Armed Forces Regulations and related documents and procedures with the view to making them reflect current trends and fit for purpose. The terms of reference for the Board are as follows:

(1)   Identify areas of all Ghana Armed Forces regulations/Procedures requiring review.

(2)   Examine previous efforts at review and the results of such efforts.

(3)   Receive suggestions, both oral and written from serving and retired members of the Armed Forces on areas of the Armed Forces regulations/Procedures that need to be reviewed.

(4)   Compare Ghana Armed Forces Regulations/Procedures with International best practices and recommend amendments as necessary.  In this regards, the focus should be on militaries that share similar doctrines with the Ghana Armed Forces.

(5)   Recommend modalities to ensure regular reviews of Ghana Armed Forces Regulations/Procedures.

(6)   Determine legal issues pertaining to the amendment of Ghana Armed Forces Regulations/Procedures.

b.   Pursuant to the above terms of reference, the Board is requesting all Depts/Dtes to submit inputs in terms of the areas of our Armed Forces laws that require review.

c.   All views are gratefully requested to be submitted to GHQ (Camp) for collation and onwards submission to the Secretariat of the Board for further action.

d.   Pers under command who wish to directly engage the Board are equally encouraged to do so.

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