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June 13, 2018
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64 Infantry Regiment Conducts Ex Eagle Eye

05 June 2018.   The 64 Infantry Regiment of the Ghana Armed Forces (GAF) has conducted the second in a series of anti-terrorism simulation exercises in Accra on Tuesday 05 June 2018 as part of efforts to prepare troops adequately for any future terror incident.

The exercise, code named ‘EX EAGLE EYE’, was set on a hostage situation, depicted by a scenario where terrorists had captured some hostages during an event at the National Theatre.

It was therefore the task of the 64 Infantry Regiment, the designated anti-terrorism Unit of  GAF to employ tactical drills and manoeuvre their way into the auditorium, eliminate or capture the terrorists and rescue the hostages. The exercise saw troops display professional conduct, tactics and intelligence to accomplish the task.

In an interview with the Commanding Officer (CO) of the Unit, Lt Colonel Fiifi Deegbe indicated that, it was imperative for troops to train adequately and sharpen their skills in order to tackle the diverse global terror threats of the day.

He stated that the Unit, with support from High Command improved its weapons systems as well as tactics and currently stands combat ready to stop any terrorist intent.

Lt Col Deegbe added that troops would continue to train and conduct more simulation exercises in anticipation of future tasks.

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