UNMISS GHANCOY 1 Gives to Kokrokoo Charities Foundation

The Officer Commanding (OC), the Ghana Independent Infantry Company (GHANCOY 1) of the United Nations Mission in South Sudan  (UNMISS), Lt Col Felix Kweku Mautsueni, on behalf of the Unit, has donated USD $2000 to the Kokrokoo Charities Foundation on Thursday 17 October 2019.

As part of the Civil Military Cooperation (CIMIC) and social intervention task of GHANCOY 1, the gesture was to support the purchase of incubators in aiding neonatal care in the country.

Lt Col Mautsueni, in handing over the donation to the founder of the Kokrokoo Charities Foundation, Kwame Sefa Kayi at the premises of Peace FM in Accra indicated that during the tour of duty in South Sudan, personnel of the unit agreed to set aside a token of their ‘Earned Dollar’ to support a worthy course hence, the Kokrokoo Charities Foundation which was helping save the lives of children born prematurely.

Receiving the donation, Kwame Sefa Kayi expressed his heartfelt gratitude to the OC and personnel of GHANCOY 1 for setting aside a token from their sweat and toil to support the dream of the Foundation.

The Kokrokoo Charities Foundation is a social intervention initiative founded by Kwame Sefa Kayi, a broadcast journalist. The foundation is aimed at addressing critical social needs in Ghana and help resolve emerging development challenges.

Using the theme, Keeping Hope Alive, Project 100 was launched in 2014 with the goal of raising funds to purchase 100 incubators for health facilities in the country to curb infant mortality in children born pre-term.