DCAF Holds Gender Equality Workshop for GAF

The Democratic Control of Armed Forces (DCAF) in collaboration with the Elsie Initiative have organised a workshop on Gender Equality and Security Sector Governance (SSG) for some personnel of the Ghana Armed Forces (GAF) at the Command Mess, Burma Camp from Wednesday 9 to Thursday 10 October 2019

The objective of the workshop was to situate strategic, operational and tactical level institutional planning within the governance framework to advance institutional effectiveness and accountability. It in turn would ensure institutional change efforts aimed at the whole of the institution in a long term.

The Director General, International Peace Support Operations (IPSO), Brig Gen K Mends indicated the workshop will support the identification of institutional barriers that impeded the meaningful participation of women in peace operations as well as develop institutionally tailored priorities and action plan for transformational change. This he believes would leverage bilateral technical assistance and training vis-à-vis the Canadian Armed Forces.

Brig Gen Mends further stated it was expedient for the stakeholders and the Elsie Initiative to understand some of the positive and negative effects of the initiative to ensure that its implementation does not become counterproductive. He also noted that the Elsie Initiative is not all about women, but its implementation will recognise the role men play to ensure a successful implementation.

Director General, IPSO, emphasised that the recognition of the role men play was very important if the initiative would engender a permanent institutional change as regards increased and meaningful participation of Uniformed Women in Peace Operations and governance.

The Elsie Initiative is a United Nations five year pilot project led by Global Affairs Canada (GAC). It aims to develop innovative measures in order to move from slow, incremental progress to transformational change regarding women’s meaningful participation in peace operations.

The workshop was facilitated by Heather Huhtanen an independent advisor for DCAF under the auspices of the Elsie Initiative. She provides advisory support and technical assistance to the Ghana Armed Forces (and Zambia Police Service), Canada’s Elsie Initiative bilateral partners on gender equality and security sector governance and development.