5 Garrison Civilian Employees Visit JWS

Civilian Employees of  5 Garrison, led by the Director, Civilian Establishment (CE); Captain GN Faustina Adwoa Boakyewa Anokye have visited the Jungle Warfare School (JWS) at the Seth Anthony Barracks, Akim Achiase on Friday, 11 October 2019.

The purpose of the visit was for the civilian employees to acquaint themselves with the activities of JWS and also enable them have hands-on experience.

Receiving the team at the Achiase roundabout, the Commanding Officer (CO), JWS; Lt Col AY Owusu, welcomed and encouraged the Civilian Employees to participate with interest in all the tasks they would be asked to perform in the Jungle.

The Civilian Employees were schooled on how to surmount training obstacles such as the 10ft Wall, Hurdle, Fly Me Home, Belly Crawl, 6ft Wall, Tiger’s Net, Horizontal ladder, Vertical ladder, Balance Walk, and the Rope Bridge.

Afterwards, the team was led to the “Survival Stand” in the jungle and familiarize with the means of surviving in the jungle. They were taken to several demonstration points where they witnessed a practical display of how to survive in the jungle when all essential life supporting supply was exhausted and one still needed to survive amidst jungle condition.

The Director CE, who was glad meeting with civilian employees working at JWS for the first time after assuming office used the opportunity to interact with them. She stated that her vision for the Civilian Establishment was to establish a formidable Civilian Employee manpower capable and willing to support the Ghana Armed Forces (GAF).

She therefore cautioned all Civilian Employees on their part to change their attitudes toward work, wear the right attires as deem fit and be good ambassadors of the GAF while she, on her part, pushes for improved working conditions of civilian employees.

Captain GN Anokye advised them not to compare themselves to soldiers in terms of remuneration, rather, they should manage their finance judiciously to avoid going for loans which will end up increasing their financial burden.

The Director warned them to shun partisan politics and desist from joining pressure groups which may unexpectedly link them to occurrences that could be determined as crime.