United Women’s Fellowship Organises Food Bazaar

The United Methodist Presbyterian Women’s Fellowship has on Sunday, 25 August 2019 organised a food bazaar at the Garrison Methodist Presbyterian Church (GMPC) in Burma camp to raise funds to support the fellowship.

According to the president of the fellowship, Mrs Joana Twum, the executives of all the Methodist Presbyterian women fellowships in the Northern Accra Diocesan thought it wise to organise a food bazaar to enable them to know each other and raise funds to support their united churches.

She stated that there are seven women’s fellowships which fall under the Northern Accra Diocesan, namely; the Garrison Methodist Presby Women’s Fellowship, Arakan Methodist Presby Women’s fellowship and 37 Military Hosp Methodist Presby Women’s Fellowship.

The rest includes Teshie Methodist Presby Women’s Fellowship, Michel Camp Methodist Presby Women’s Fellowship, Ghana Police Women’s Fellowship and the Trinity United Women’s Fellowship.

Mrs Twum noted that the organisation of the Food Bazaar coincided with the 59th Anniversary celebration of the Garrison Methodist Presby Women’s Fellowship.