Special Medical Intake (also known as SMI) is a special course run purposely for medical personnel to feed the Ghana Armed Forces Medical Corps. SMI intake 3 is the third intake of Special Medical Intake to be trained in the Ghana Military Academy. SMI 3 reported to GMA on 3 November 2016 made up of 16 medical specialists/medical officers, 3 dental officers, 4 doctor optometrists, 31 general nurse, 5 midwifery officers and 7 specialist nurses. The others are 7 pharmacist, 1 audiologist, 3 health service administrators, 2 logistic officers, 2 environmental health officers, 3 dieticians, 3 nutrition officers, 6 physiotherapists, 4 biomedical scientist, 5 biochemical engineers and 2 psychologists. This intake is made up of 56 male and 43 female cadets. In all 99 cadets reported on the day of reporting, one later join a week after. The SMI 3 is composed of 51 Army cadets, 24 Navy cadets and 24 Air Force cadets. Unfortunately one had to be released on health grounds. SMI 3 training package unlike the previous two intakes lasted 21 weeks, the same as the Short Service Course and Special Duties course. The course had its induction training at the Bundase Training Camp from 6 to 11 Nov 2016, the purpose of the induction training among other things was to introduce the new cadets to the military environment and to give them an initial exposure to military culture. Additionally, it was to teach them some basic routine and drills as well as test their basic fitness, endurance determination and will-power. Cadets where introduced to drill, minor tactics, field craft, physical training among others. The programme for the SMI included, Leadership, Tactics A, Tactics B, Map Reading and Skill At Arms. Others were Field Craft, Military Law, Physical Training, Administration and Voice Procedure.

The first Exercise for the SMI 3 was EX RIGHT PATH, this was organized in the POKUASE general area, and this was for the SMI 3 to identify the various land forms and to relate what is on the map to the ground. The second exercise for SMI was EX COMPASS ROUTE, which was day navigational exercise in the Local Training area, Teshie. The aim of the exercise was to test the cadets on day navigation and to ascertain whether what was taught in class was understood. This was followed by EX NIGHT REACH, this was further to test the SMI in night navigation, endurance , identification of landmarks at night.

A combined exercise, EX SHORT HAUL and EX LETHAL COMBATANT was organized for SMI 3 from 20 – 27 Jan 17 at the Bundase Training Camp. EX SHORT HAUL was a day and night navigation aimed at testing cadets on both day and night navigation but this time in a different environment and a longer distance. The EX LETHAL COMBATANT was to practice the SMI on all the Phases of War and some enabling operations. SMI 3 practiced, occupation of harbour, advance to contact, deliberate defence, hasty defence, various types of patrols, marking of FUP/LD and deliberate attack.

EX ABURI DISCOREY was organized from 3-4 Feb 17 in OYIBI, DODOWA, ABURI, MAMPONG and ADAWSO general area. The aim of the exercise was to again test cadets on the endurance and navigation on difficult terrain and also navigation in the forest area. EX LOOK SHARP was also organised to test the SMI 3 cadets on distance calculation, use of prismatic compass, grid system and map settings among others in the AHRAHIA general area. STEEPLE CHASE competition was undertaken on 17 Feb 17.

SMI 3 was also tested on all subjects, in written and practical exams. A four day introduction to the jungle was organized for SMI 3, at the Jungle Warfare School- Achiase code named EX JUNGLE NOVICES, this was to introduce the cadets to IS/COIN and operations in a Jungle terrain.