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In-patient Services(Wards)

The Military Hospital can boast of some of the best and patient-friendly wards in the country. In line with the rehabilitation of the hospital, and following the appeal for funds launched by the Hospital a number of societies and organizations responded favorably. The Lebanese community in Ghana renovated Ward2 which was renamed CEDAR Ward in 1987 in appreciation of the assistance given by the group. The Indian Community in Ghana also renovated GANDHI Ward. In 1989, a decision was taken to rename the remaining Wards after some notable personalities of the hospital and the country who contributed in diverse ways to the development of the hospital. Following this decision, the wards were renamed as follows:


Officers Ward 1 - Anoff Ward

Allied Surgery Ward 2 - Cedar Ward

Surgical Ward 3 - Tamakloe Ward

Medical Ward 4 - Opoku Ward

Orthopedic Ward 5 - Easmon Ward

Isolation Ward 6 - Simango Ward

Male Medical Ward 7 - Bandoh Ward

Chest Ward 8 - Debrah Ward

Paediatrics Ward 9 - Nkrumah Ward

Ward 10 - Gandhi Ward

Families Ward F1 - Yebuah Ward

Families Ward F2 - Yaa Asantewaa Ward

Families Isolation Ward F3 - Obeng Ward

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